LIFE after 50 - Current Issue - October 2015 Vol. 25 No. 10

Millibo Art Theatre aims to reinvent performing arts

Written by Jeanne Davant

1015_01_Millibo1It's not often that you meet someone whose business card says, "Executive Director and Clown," or someone whose job involves donning a curly red wig and transforming into a wacky alter ego called Babette Matdiva.

Those job descriptions apply to Jim Jackson and Birgitta De Pree, the talented cofounders of the Millibo Art Theatre (MAT).

The couple established the theater (originally known as the Manitou Art Theater) in 2001, with a mission to produce new, original performances for audiences in the Pikes Peak region. A few years later, they moved to another venue off 21st Street in Colorado Springs.

Since 2013, the company has been housed in a former church at 1626 S. Tejon St., just across from the redeveloped Ivywild School. With its soaring ceilings and seating that brings the audience into intimate contact with the performers, the lovingly remodeled church offered the MAT the opportunity to present new and different forms of entertainment, such as aerial circus performances and presentations that involve use of multimedia to tell stories.

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No Social Security, Medicare Part B payment increases in 2016

Social Security beneficiaries likely will not be getting a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2016, but current enrollees in Medicare Part B probably will not face a premium increase.

The official announcement won't be made until late October, because the Cost of Living Adjustment is based on a comparison of inflation in the third quarter of this year compared with the third quarter of 2014. The Bureau of Labor Statistics will issue its September report on inflation, on which the COLA is based, later this month.

If there is any Cost of Living Adjustment, it will be small. But most experts are saying that 2016 will be the third year since 2010 when there will be no COLA increase.

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